Liz Miller

(Bios in French and Spanish below) 

English Bio 

Liz Miller is a documentary filmmaker, community media artist, and professor with an MFA in Electronic Arts from Renssellaer Polytechnic Insitute and an BA in Social Thought and Political Economics from the University of Massachusetts in Amherst. For the last fifteen years, Miller has developed documentary and community media projects with youth, senior citizens and a wide range of human rights organizations.

Her 30-minute documentary, Novela, Novela,
an inside look at Nicaragua’s most political and popular “social soap opera,” has been integrated into high school curricula and used by international coalitions working against violence and defending the rights of women, children and glbt populations.

Miller has exhibited her work around the world and won awards from the International Association of Women in Radio and Film, Latin American Studies Association, and the National Educational Media Network. THE WATER FRONT is her most recent work and has already won two awards; the Ramsar Medwet Award at Ecofilms in Greece and the Environmental Award, Media that Matters.

Having lived in Central America for half a decade, Liz continues to conduct media workshops for women and human rights organizations across the Americas and internationally. She is currently a full time professor in the Communication Studies program at Concordia University in Montreal and a co-founder of the Concordia Documentary Center. Her newest project involves refugee youth in Montreal.

Short Bio in French

Liz Miller réalise des films documentaires depuis une quinzaine
d’années et mène en parallèle une activité d’éducation à l’image au
sein de groupes de jeunes ou de personnes âgées. Elle collabore aussi
avec plusieurs ONG de défense des droits humains. Elle a reçut de
nombreux prix internationaux. Elle enseigne désormais à l’université
Concordia de Montreal où elle vient de créer le Concordia Documentary

Short Bio in Spanish 

Liz Miller realiza filmes desde hace una quincena de anos y en paralelo ejerce como profesora de cine e imagen con jovenes y personas mayores. Ha colaborado tambien con varias oeneges de derechos humanos.

 Ha recibigo numerosos reconocimientos y premios internacionales por sus trabajos documentales, y es miembro fundador del "Concordia Documentary Center" de Montreal (Canada) y ejerce como profesora en la Universidad Concordia de Montreal.

"The Water Front" ha ganado various premios:

Premio "Ramsar/Medwet" en el Fest. Ecofilms de Rodas (Grecia),

Premio "Katherine Knight" en el Festival Earth Vision

Premio "Best of Fest" en el Fest Hazel Wolf